After putting a second record with Robert Plant on hold, Alison Krauss returns with 'Paper Airplane,' the first single and title track from the upcoming album with her usual musical partners, Union Station.

The serene, gently plucked introduction, and of course Krauss' heavenly voice, quickly remind the listener that the singer was playing to packed houses and winning multiple Grammy Awards long before she ever hooked up with the former Led Zeppelin legend. As her bluegrass virtuoso bandmates join in behind her, the song builds momentum musically, even as it becomes clear that the lyrics concern a relationship that's almost reached its end:

"How many nights must I wake up alone / And know in my soul that it's almost over now? / Our love is like a paper airplane / Flying in the folded wind / Riding high, dipping low / But in this senseless fair game, I'm hoping I can hold it in / Our love will die, I know."

'Paper Airplanes,' Krauss's fourteenth album and sixth with Union Station, will be released on April 12.  The group has announced a handful of tour dates in support of the album so far, and will also be appearing at this summer's Bonnaroo festival.

Listen to Alison Krauss & Union Station, 'Paper Airplane'