R&B producer/singer-songwriter Anthony Hamilton first stepped out into the music industry in 1996 with his debut record 'XTC.' Since then, he's released several full-lengths, including 2011's critically acclaimed 'Back to Love.' And now, the neo-soul artist is cutting his teeth yet again -- but this time he's taking a bite out of country music.

On the coattails of his fifth studio album, Hamilton is wrapping up a blues record, awaiting the birth of his sixth child and already talking about his upcoming country project. Speaking to The BoomBox, he said he's going to finish his blues album, and then the country one is next.

When prodded further about the details of the country record and the genre hop, he said, "I have maybe two or three of my country tracks done. I think if planned strategically and the placement is at the right time, I think people will get it, if it's something that makes sense. So it could be now, it could be midway between this album and the next, it depends on the setup."

As with any artist jumping from one genre into another, Hamilton has to think about how his soul-loving fans will respond to something with a big more twang. But the multi-faceted musician doesn't seem to be harboring any worries there. In fact, he seems confident his fans will be able to make the jump with him once they hear the music.

"My vocal delivery is honest and it's real," he said. "People know when I sing something I mean it. It's believable, so I think I have that ... That and a loyal fanbase that will ride with me and ride for me.