Zach Bryan was spotted in Omaha, Neb., helping clean up debris from a devastating tornado that ripped through on Saturday (April 27). The massive windstorm damaged at least 150 homes across the area, but luckily, no fatalities have been reported.

"Zach Bryan is a real one," a radio station in Lincoln shared on social media with a few photos of the country singer helping clear fragments of houses from the areas.

What Is Zach Byran's Tie to Nebraska?

Bryan posted about the devastation on his social media. Dozens of tornados touched down in the area, but no fatalities were reported. The Douglas Country Health Department said fewer than two dozen people were treated for injuries in Omaha's hospitals, calling it "miraculous."

The "Something in the Orange" singer lived in Omaha for what he describes as "some pretty formidable" years of his life. The area left a mark on him, and his band just so happened to be in the region for a few shows when the tornados struck.

"As an American and someone who lived in Omaha for some pretty formidable years of my life, I want to offer some honest prayers and hopes to the communities affected by the tornadoes that tore through them," he writes on social media.

"The band and I are standing with you guys as we are playing some shows in Omaha," he continues. "I am so sorry to anyone that is having to deal with picking up the pieces of their homes and their lives. Without taking credit from the thousands of people lending a hand who have roots here, we love you so much and we’ll do all we can to help."

Bryan's Quittin' Time Tour shows are scheduled for April 29-20 at the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

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