Our list of the 10 Best Anniversary Songs celebrates the relationships and the lives that have been changed by romance. Every couple has a story, and thanks to country music, most every couple has a song that tells their story. From the tale of an inspirational love that’s turned a life around in Ronnie Milsap’s ‘What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life' to the struggles of surviving fights and sleepless nights in Reba McEntire’s ‘I Keep On Loving You,’ we hope that we’ve represented your story in our sentimental list of anniversary songs.

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    'I’d Love You All Over Again'

    Alan Jackson

    Alan Jackson has made an amazing career writing songs about his own life. In 1991, he wrote ‘I’d Love You All Over Again’ -- which kicks off our list of the 10 Best Anniversary Songs -- to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his marriage. In 2007, Jackson's wife, Denise, honored their life together by writing a No. 1 New York Times Best Seller, 'It’s All About Him.' The both of them have had success sharing their love story with the world.

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    'What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life'

    Ronnie Milsap

    For over 45 years, Joyce Milsap has stood right beside her talented husband, Ronnie Milsap. Joyce supported him through it all, from his starting days in R&B at Scepter Records to playing piano for Elvis Presley to his Grammy-winning country music career. When Milsap sings his 1977 hit ‘What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life,’ you know that his wife is inspiring the performance!

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    'When I Said I Do'

    Clint Black/Lisa Hartman

    On Oct. 20, 1991, Clint Black married actress Lisa Hartman. Eight years later, Black would write a song to celebrate their love. When Black recorded ‘When I Said I Do’ for RCA Records, a track that is a perfect fit for our list of anniversary songs, he asked Lisa to join him in the studio. The reluctant Mrs. Black must have enjoyed her time there, as she recorded another duet with her husband called ‘Easy for Me to Say’ in 2001.

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    'Two People Fell in Love'

    Brad Paisley

    Every one of us is here all because 'two people fell In love.' The lyrics of this 2001 Brad Paisley hit remind us that you can trace just about everything back to a romance between two lovers. One of the scenarios in this song has Stanley Wilson and Emma Tucker celebrating their 60-year wedding anniversary, and because of their romance, five generations get together every June for their family reunion.

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    'Rockin’ Years'

    Dolly Parton/Ricky Van Shelton

    Dolly Parton comes from a very musical family. Her brother Randy had a deal with RCA Records in 1981, and her sister Stella had a Top 10 hit with ‘I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight.’ In addition to her singing siblings, she employs many family members at Dollywood. And in 1991, she recorded ‘Rockin’ Years,’ a song written by her brother Floyd as tribute to their parents' relationship -- a fitting addition to any list of anniversary songs.

    Rick Diamond, Getty Images
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    'You’re Still the One'

    Shania Twain

    Shania Twain wrote several of her biggest hits with her former husband/producer, Robert John “Mutt” Lang. ‘You’re Still the One’ was a song that they composed about the critics who said that their marriage would never last, mostly because of their age difference. When the song hit No. 1 in 1998, they were going strong. Though the song lives on, they sadly divorced 10 years later.

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    'I Keep On Loving You'

    Reba McEntire

    Every couple has their rough times and tough times, but this song celebrates the success of compromise and unconditional love. Ronnie Dunn and Terri McBride co-wrote ‘I Keep On Loving You.’ The song, inspired by Dunn's longtime marriage to his wife, Janine, was given to McEntire after she had asked him for another song he had written. The song she originally wanted was on hold for Dunn’s debut album, so he pitched her this perfect anniversary song that hit No. 1 in 2010.

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    'Through the Years'

    Kenny Rogers

    In 1980, Kenny Rogers had a No. 1 country and pop hit with a Lionel Richie composition called ‘Lady.’ Impressed with Richie’s work, Rogers enlisted him as a producer on his album 'Share Your Love.' 'Through The Years,' one of the hit singles from that album, was written by Steven Dorf and Marty Panzer. The slickly produced single did better on the adult contemporary charts, where it hit No. 1, than the country charts where it peaked at No. 5, but it lives high on our list of the top anniversary songs.

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    'Remember When'

    Alan Jackson

    In 2003, Alan Jackson once again had a hit with a song about his own life experiences. ‘Remember When’ is comprised of family milestones, from getting married to having children, to watching them move away and yearning to do it all again. The lyrics are perfect for any couple that’s celebrating that bittersweet milestone of a landmark anniversary with a song: "We won’t be sad, we’ll be glad / For all the time we’ve had/ And we’ll remember when."

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    'Look at Us'

    Vince Gill

    ‘Look at Us’ is the perfect anniversary song for any proud couple that enjoys being a positive role models. Vince Gill and Max D. Barnes wrote this 1991 hit about a couple still crazy for each other after many years of ups and downs. This song is a great love choice to top our list of the 10 Best Anniversary songs, thanks to the simple but powerful line, "If you want to see how true love should be / Then just look at us."