Fans who were expecting Billy Ray Cyrus to perform a track from his new country album 'Change My Mind' during an appearance on 'The Arsenio Hall Show' on Thursday (Oct. 3) got quite a surprise.

It was a strange sort of time warp, as Cyrus instead played a song recorded on his rock side project in 2010. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst appears halfway through 'Lately,' a track on Brother Clyde's self-titled album.

If you didn't realize Arsenio Hall was back on television, you might be even more confused by this collision of music fashions. Listen closely to Durst's rap breakdown. He name drops Miley Cyrus during a portion of the song originally recorded by King Phaze. The full content of his rap is difficult to transcribe from the YouTube video.

Cyrus and Durst were together late into the night just two night's prior to Thursday's television performance. The country singer tweeted about it, and Durst offered this photo on Instagram:

'Hope Is Just Ahead' is Cyrus' current country single. The singer has no dates scheduled on his official tour calendar.