Miley Cyrus lost her house in Malibu to the wildfires that recently devastated the state of California. She tells Ryan Seacrest in a new interview that she's putting the pieces back together with help from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

"I have been spending most of my time in Nashville because with the two pigs, four horses, four cats and eight dogs, there is nothing you can do," the pop star explains.

Miley reveals that her dad came to her rescue when she had no idea where — or how — to evacuate her animals as the fires roared near her Los Angeles-area home.

"This is making light of a very dark situation, but when we had to go to Los Angeles that day and (fiancé) Liam (Hemsworth) was a hero and put all of the animals in his truck," Cyrus recalls. "He had to spray the pigs with the hose for them to go into crates because we had to be able to take them in the truck. So then we had seven dogs and pigs in L.A. and I was like, 'What are we going to do with them?' and my dad's like, 'Bring them over to my house and I’ll take care of them.'"

Cyrus, now 26, couldn't believe that her mom and dad would take all of her much-loved animals in, she could sort of believe their idea to best house them.

"(My dad) said they could sleep in his gym," she reveals with a laugh. "My dad is as country as they get."

Cyrus tells Seacrest she'll be spending Christmas in Music City and is looking forward to some home-cooked food just like her godmother, the icon Dolly Parton, would make. "Dolly made the best chicken and dumplings, so I now make vegan chicken and dumplings," Cyrus says.

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