Billy Ray Cyrus has either had an extraterrestrial sighting, or he's been sniffing too much of his daughter Miley's hairspray. Decide for yourself. The singer posted this picture to his Twitter page, explaining that the gold circles were aircrafts from another planet.

"O. K. . first U F O sighting.Looks like 5 or 6 disk like shapes hovering. Special moment 4 DAD," Cyrus tweeted on Sunday. It's not clear if the discs were seen zipping across the sky or if they just hovered above the horizon for Cyrus to snap this photo. The skeptic may want to call the country singer crazy, but his UFO explanation sounds as good as any we could come up with.

Almost as confusing as the mysterious picture is Cyrus' 'special moment 4 DAD' tag on last night's tweet. It comes off as if he's identifying himself as only the father of five children (two adopted), ignoring that he's also a talented singer/actor/performer.

Next month, look for Cyrus to begin his role as the father to Austin on the CW network's '90210.'