You could say that Blake Shelton is a big advocate of his First Amendment right to free speech. OK, Shelton likes to run his mouth. The 'Honey Bee' hitmaker is notorious for using Twitter as an outlet for his thoughts -- whatever they may be -- which has sometimes shown him backlash from angry groups like PETA and GLAAD. To celebrate his freedoms, however, Shelton has jumped on board with the Free to Tweet campaign, which will in turn encourage kids to do the same to earn money for school.

One for All founder Ken Paulson, who runs the nonpartisan program sponsoring the event, knew Shelton would be a shoe-in. "Free speech comes naturally to Blake Shelton," Paulson said, adding, “Candor and integrity are hallmarks of his career and we’re very pleased to have him join this effort.”

Free to Tweet kicks off on Dec. 15 at midnight and runs through the end of the day. The campaign acts to encourage free speech, but kids ages 14-22 can enter to win scholarships by using the hashtag '#freetotweet' in that time frame. The program is offering a total of 22 $5,000 scholarships.

Shelton is not the first country star to hop on board as a First Amendment advocate. Earlier this year, Brad Paisley joined to show his support, saying at the time, "I count myself blessed to live in a country where I can exercise that right every day, whether I’m writing, recording or performing."