If you're excited about Shark Week -- the Discovery Channel's week-long annual shark-based programming that boasts all things factual or ... not so factual -- get in line behind Brad Paisley.

The singer went as far as to even make a video about Shark Week, set to his brand new tune 'Crushin It,' giving fans a front-seat view at his love for sharks, as well as a lengthy clip from his forthcoming album. Paisley is a die-hard fan, as is evident by this response he gave one fan who tweeted him:

(He's kidding, by the way.)

Paisley made sure the Discovery Channel saw his video, tweeting them several times. "Hi @discovery made you a video for sharkweek! Keep Crushin' it."

The singer's forthcoming new album, which holds 'Crushin' It' as well as other tracks fans can't wait to hear, drops Aug. 26, when Shark Week is over but the fun is just beginning for Paisley.

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