Brantley Gilbert just got back from his first USO tour, and the experience of performing for our troops overseas inspired him so much that he has written a new song, 'One Hell of an Amen,' even posting a preview to the demo track exclusively for his fans -- and evidently without the permission of his record company.

"We just got back from our first USO tour... And it was definitely a life-changing experience to say the least… it motivated and inspired me to do somethin' a little bit... Umm... Lets say NOT 'industry standard...' Surprise... Surprise…" Gilbert posted to Facebook Thursday (March 28).

The new song was derived directly from his experience during the recent trip. "Most of y'all know me well enough to know I don't sing anything I don't write, and I don't write about anything i don't feel like I've experienced, or been through with somebody close to me," the hitmaker shared.

"With that being said, this song references the loss of a US military soldier who was as close to kin to one of my closest friends from my hometown... who witnessed his loss firsthand while serving in active duty in Iraq... My friend shared the story with me to an extent where I felt like I was right there with him... And inspired me to write more than one song, including this one, about him."

Gilbert went on to add that the song was also partly inspired by the loss of a longtime friend from cancer. It seems likely the finished track might appear on the new album he said he's been working on.

The singer also reminded fans to vote for him in the upcoming 2013 ACM Awards, where he is nominated for New Artist of the Year.

Listen to 'One Hell of an Amen' by Brantley Gilbert