New Year's is a time for goal setting and self-reflection, something country singer Brett Young knows a thing or two about. However, the singer admits he's not a big fan of making yearly resolutions.

While he doesn't have any New Year's resolutions planned for 2017, he does support the mentality of using the turn of the calendar year to have a fresh start.

“I feel like I try to keep myself from doing anything all year round that would make me feel guilty enough to have to quit it on the 1st anyways," he says (quote via Sounds Like Nashville). "But I do like the idea of the beginning of the year being the opportunity for a fresh start if you ever need that, and I have a lot of friends that do really lean on New Year’s resolutions."

While making resolutions isn't his thing, fellow country star Drake White is a big fan of the activity and echoes Young's sentiments about starting anew. “I love ‘em," White reveals. "I mean people say, ‘Well, I hate resolutions because you never follow through.’ Well, discipline is a big thing that I’ve tried to work on over the years, and sometimes I’m not, sometimes I am. But I think just the spirit of newness and having a new start, we all need that."

Young is gearing up for what it is certain to be a big 2017 for him. He is set to release his debut album on Feb. 10, following his self-titled debut EP that hit shelves in early 2016 and features the chart-topping hit "Sleep Without You" that's currently taking country radio by storm. Young released the music video for the song in March of 2016 and includes Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan as his leading lady. He will officially release his next single, "In Case You Didn't Know," in 2017.

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