Brett Young is currently on the road with Thomas Rhett as part of the Life Changes Tour, and is bringing his debut album to country fans across the nation. While he has a busy year ahead of him, he says there is one group of people he hopes to visit soon: our military.

In an interview with his record label ahead of Memorial Day, Young says he hopes he's given the opportunity to go overseas soon to play for our troops.

“We did get the opportunity this last year to go to Camp Lejuene and play a Fourth of July show, and it’s always really special when you get to do something like that," he tells his label, Big Machine Label Group. "If I ever was given the opportunity to actually go overseas and do something like that, that would be incredible as well."

The "Mercy" singer says it's often easy to take for granted the power that music can have on one's life. He further explains that no matter where you are, whether overseas or in the U.S., music touches each person's life differently.

"You forget how important music is for people. It’s one of those constants that no matter what you’re doing in your life, whether you’re deployed or whether you’re serving here, you can have a crazy life and music is still music to everybody," he reflects. "Everybody has a relationship to music. We haven’t gotten to do as much as I’d like to in terms of that yet, but I know there are talks about doing a little traveling, getting out and playing music for the troops. I would love to do that.”

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