Brothers Osborne haven't released a single quite like "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)" before. The slow vulnerable ballad finds the two burly brothers offering their hearts to a lover.

The guitar fireworks come quieter in this second single from the Port Saint Joe album, as this is more of a pure vocal showcase. In fact, it's probably an introduction to TJ Osborne for many people who were previously seduced by the riffs and grooves of the sibling duo's early hits. He proves to be a dynamic vocalist with much more range than he showcased on the Pawn Shop album.

That's how Brothers Osborne leveled up between albums. It's unfair to say TJ has gotten better, but the duo has found ways to better showcase his talents. "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)" is also a song younger artists who've not found true love would struggle to interpret. This patient performance is as exciting as "Shoot Me Straight," their guitar-heavy lead single from the album.

Did You Know?: John Osborne is married to country singer Lucie Silvas. TJ Osborne is not married.

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Brothers Osborne, "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)" Lyrics:

Did I stop and watch the sunset fade / What gave me life and took my breath away / Did I take a last-call stranger home / So I wouldn't have to wake up alone.

I heard I was a wild one / I feel like a child, son / But I really don't recall / Heard I was a fast one / Always was last one / Waitin' for the other shoe to fall / I've seen pictures / And I've heard stories / 'Bout the boy I used to be / But I don't remember me.

Was I just another ghost in this town / Who was I when no one was around / Did I even know what I was livin' with / Who are my favorite songs about.

Was my heart beatin' in my chest / Was I even alive or dead.

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