The most important thing a new artist can do is quickly distinguish themselves, and Brothers Osborne do that on their debut single 'Let's Go There.' While not a great lyric, their vocal sound and the bluesy arrangement make this a track to keep coming back to.

T.J. Osborne is a commanding presence as the lead singer. His thick country voice carries some sort of Memphis influence, although none are listed at the Maryland-based duo's Facebook page. The musicianship is strong and powerful from start to finish, with the finest moments coming late, when the production team (the brothers and Brad Hill) begin to experiment.

The story is a bit generic. While John and T.J. Osborne -- as well as Jon Mabe -- stay clear of any offensive cliches, their lyrics take advantage of some easy rhymes.

"Baby, let's go there / Hop in the truck and get outta here / We're goin’ out of our minds with our shoulder to the grind / Gettin' nowhere," Brothers Osborne sing during the chorus. "Baby it’s high time / To get away together, just you and I / While we're hesitatin' there's a piece of heaven waitin’ on us somewhere / So baby let's go there."

'Let's Go There' is a country love song. Guy is looking to take girl for an overnight getaway, and his energy -- as well as the energy of the overall production -- helps hook the story deep into one's memory.

"We'll leave the laundry on the line / Forget the dishes in the sink / Just grab a string bikini and your sunscreen," they sing to end the second chorus.

Great songs will come, but without talent and professionalism, they fall through the cracks with many other new artists. Brothers Osborne prove that won't happen on this first look at the sibling duo. They're definitely one to keep an eye on in 2014.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Brothers Osborne, 'Let's Go There'

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