Caryn Lee Carter has a genuine point to make in her new video for "White Trash Without the Trailer," but she does it by using humor.

Carter plays dual roles in the video, starring both as a young woman living in a trailer and another who "married a trust fund baby" and got out, and now acts above everyone she used to know.

"The whole trailer park community is calling you a traitor / You're just white trash without the trailer," Carter sneers in the lyrics.

"One of the things I love about country music is that we get the opportunity to be funny in our storytelling in ways other genres might not be able to pull off," Carter tells us. "With 'White Trash,' especially in the video, I really wanted to make people laugh!"

And she does, showing her trying-to-be-glamorous character sneaking off in the middle of a stunning party to eat pork rinds in secret, getting something stuck in her teeth and attempting to serve potted meat with crackers to a less-than-enthusiastic response.

"The video itself was also super fun to shoot, especially the party scenes," the Georgia native says. "Who else gets to dance around like an idiot in pink puffy heels for work?"

"You may have left your double wide / But there's some things money just can't hide / Go on and move your ass uptown, but we're always gonna be your neighbors / You're just white trash without the trailer," Carter sings in the chorus.

"We all know (or have been!) that person who gets a little too big for their britches every now and again, and this song is just a fun way of pointing that out," she states. "It kind of embodies the thought that as country folk our roots are eventually going to show, so why try to hide them in the first place?"

Caryn Lee Carter is set to release her self-titled debut EP on Friday (Sept. 15). The project is currently available for pre-order. For more information about Carter, visit her official website, or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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