Charles Esten of Nashville fame is a favorite on the show, and a farm outside of Nashville is paying tribute to him and the CMT program in a unique way this fall. Your exclusive first look is here on Taste of Country.

As a celebration of Nashville's upcoming Season 6, CMT has partnered with Honeysuckle Hill Farm just outside of Nashville to help design their expansive corn maze for the fall season that fans of the show are sure to be excited about. Seeing as his character Deacon Claybourne is so beloved, he was the perfect subject!

The farm has traced the actor's likeness from a classic photo of him and his guitar into more than 12 acres of corn stalks, offering visitors a unique experience when they come to try and navigate the maze The multi-acre puzzle will open to the public on Saturday (Sept. 23). Getting through the Esten maze should take fans roughly one hour to complete.

Esten has been integral to the fabric of Nashville since it debuted in 2012 and has even begun his own solo music career, launching a campaign titled "Every Single Friday" where he released one new, original song every week for a year. Nashville celebrated its 100th episode in 2017 during Season 5, and the sixth season is set to premiere on CMT in January of 2018.

“There are always new characters and stories to tell. Everybody in [Nashville], as far-fetched as we’ve been, says, ‘Oh, boy, you haven’t even scratched the surface,'” show creator Callie Khouri tells the Hollywood Reporter.

Click through the gallery above to see the photos of amazing maze and the photo they based it on!

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