Chelsea Gill recently released the music video for her new single "What Kinda Trouble," which paints the all-too-real picture of a woman trying to guess the type of man she is about to fall for. Gill teamed up with director J. Lockhart and the 10:10 Creative for the music video, which viewers can watch above.

The nearly four-minute video for "What Kinda Trouble" begins with an unanswered phone call from a woman to her ex. The woman admits she hates how their relationship ended, but she can't wait around any longer for something that will never come. "I have to move on. Sean, I still love you but that's not enough anymore," she says.

"I've had the users, abusers, the one that got away / I've had the liars, goodbyers and the ones that lost their faith / I've had to bail them out, talk them down and take a hit or two / So baby, what kind of trouble are you?" Gill sings at the song's start.

Throughout the clip, Gill is seen driving around town trying to get her mind off of her ex. Unfortunately, all she can think about are the good times they had together.

“I felt like this song wrote itself,” Gill says in a press release. “Sitting there in the kitchen with my guitar, it just poured out of me with such ease that I knew it was special immediately. I think this song connects because we all go through life gathering moments of heartbreak that stay with us when love goes wrong. I wanted this video to be a collection of snapshots showing how love can make us happy, blind, angry, confused, or a million other emotions. Sometimes when we’ve finally let something go, it comes back around and tries to pull us in again. Love is a journey, and I wanted people to know that it’s okay if it gets a little messy along the way."

Gill released her debut self-titled EP in April of 2016. Watch "What Kinda Trouble" above.

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