Chris Stapleton launched his career when he sang with an icon at a music awards show. His performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards may take him to new heights.

The country singer is going to join Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson for a Motown medley. Specifically, he'll join Wonder for the 1973 hit "Higher Ground."

"Stevie Wonder is one of those people that's — he's not only a person, he's like an entity," Stapleton says. "It almost feels like you're meeting — I don't know what the comparison even is."

"It's an other-worldy kind of person that exists and has so much influence over what music is and has been. You can feel threads of him through everything."

  • Luke Combs, Brandi Carlile and Kacey Musgraves are the three other country music performers at the 2023 Grammys
  • Stapleton has one nomination in 2023. Last year he won three Grammys, bringing his lifetime total to eight.
  • The 2023 Grammy Awards are at 8PM ET on Sunday (Feb. 5) on CBS

Stapleton jokes (kinda) that he can't think about his Grammy performance too much or he'll begin to get nervous. Wonder is a tremendously influential artist, with Stapleton acknowledging his own appreciation and attempts to replicate his sound.

"I can't tell you how many times people would say, 'Let's do something like Stevie Wonder can do.' And none of us can do it but we would try to do it," he shares.

"To get to be up there and feel Stevie kicking that one off is something else."

Miranda Lambert leads all country nominees at the 2023 Grammys, and while she's not performing, she's expected to attend. Carly Pearce is another artist who's been seen during pre-show ceremonies and galas.

Remember: The best way to watch the 2023 Grammy Awards is on CBS, with Taste of Country on your phone. 

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