Chris Young has proven time and time again that heartfelt, emotionally gripping songs fit him like a glove. The 'You' hitmaker gave a powerful rendition of 'Change the World' for the Grammy ReImagined series, effortlessly mesmerizing viewers with his version of Eric Clapton's hit.

ReImagined is a new online series launched by the Grammys and the Recording Academy. It spotlights contemporary artists talking about and performing their own versions of Grammy-nominated hits, and Young (who was nominated for a Grammy in 2011), marks the first country artist to take part in the series.

He admits that it was a little overwhelming at first.

"When I first got asked to do the Grammy ReImagined series, they handed me a stack of paper with all the years and all the songs, and I was just like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to have no idea what to pick,'" he says. "I looked through it two or three times and never could really decide on a song. And then the fourth time, I opened it up, and the first page I looked at it had 'Change the World' by Clapton on it."

The 'Aw Naw' hitmaker knew that song was 'the one,' and could finally breathe a sigh of relief that the searching was over. So, why does he love 'Change the World' so much? Young explains that it's because the song is incredibly well done.

"From the singing part of it to the production to the guitar playing -- just everything on it fits so well," he reveals. "It's not overplayed or oversung or overproduced; it just is what it is and it's beautiful."

He certainly did the song justice, armed with just an acoustic guitar and his crystal clear vocals, bringing a country twist to the classic all while still keeping to the song's original version.