When Chris Young co-wrote the song “Drowning” alongside Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge, the country-music hitmaker instinctively knew that the song would hit an emotional nerve with all who heard it.

But never did he think it would hit so many hearts in such a short time.

“This is really one of those songs where I knew this was always going to be deep and meaningful and special to me, but its so much fun to watch it be important to others,” Young tells Taste of Country during a recent interview in Chicago.

In fact, Young says that his ordinary meet-and-greets before his shows have transformed into quite emotional times for him and his fans to discuss the song, which Young wrote in remembrance of a dear friend who passed away several years ago.

“So many people have their own stories,” says Young, who recently announced plans for the fall leg of his wildly successful headlining tour. “People are walking up to me at meet-and-greets saying ‘I just want you to know I lost my brother, and this song makes me think of them.’ I mean, that’s something special.”

Indeed, the song has become so special that it has made it into the Grand Ole Opry member’s regular set list amongst more upbeat hits of his, including “Aw Naw” and his current single “Raised On Country.”

And yes, if you're wondering, transitioning from a somber song to a more upbeat song can have its awkward moments. But Young has it all down.

“It’s a special moment in the show every night and we knew that it was going to definitely be a powerful song but we had to figure out a way to bring them back,” explains Young, who followed up the song at Windy City Smokeout in Chicago with a cover of the Garth Brooks rocker “Papa Loved Mama.” “We have definitely found some fun ways to get back to the show.”



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