Chris Young tops the chart this week with his fourth consecutive No. 1 hit, 'Tomorrow.' The tune is one of the tracks on Young's latest album, 'Neon,' which he took part in writing. Young co-wrote the smash with hit songwriters Frank Myers and Anthony Smith.

"We've been telling each other for years, 'Yeah! Let's get together and write some time,'" Young tells Taste of Country. "We just never made it happen. We finally got each other, sat down and started writing, and I think we wrote three songs before we wrote 'Tomorrow.' We'd written some pretty good stuff, and we wrote this one in, I think, a little over an hour — it was pretty fast. Usually it seems to me that my best songs happen when they just kinda fall out."

"Frank Myers actually came in with this idea," continues Young. "He was like, 'I was thinking about this at the gym,' and he played us like the first half of the verse for 'Tomorrow'": "Tomorrow, I'm gonna leave here / I'm gonna let you go and walk away like every day I said I would / And tomorrow, I'm gonna listen / To that voice of reason inside my head telling me that we're no good."

"We just fell in love with the idea and started writing on it," Young says of the lyrics. "It's really, really a cool thing … we all were agreeing that this is probably one of the best things any of us had ever written. I don't know if we could have done any better."

"But tonight I'm gonna give in one last time / Rock you strong in these arms of mine / Forget all the regrets that are bound to follow / We're like fire and gasoline / I'm no good for you / You're no good for me / We only bring each other tears and sorrow / But tonight, I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow," they wrote in the lyrics of the song's powerful chorus.

"From the day that we wrote 'Tomorrow,' I thought [it] was going to be the first single," recalls Young. "I'm not really sure why. It's just one of those things that just struck me [like] wow, one listen, and and you know this is a hit. We really felt that way, and you know, that puts a lot of hopes on a song, so it was almost a little nerve-wracking. It basically came out right after we recorded it and ended up having a huge first week at radio. It's become the fastest climbing single that we've ever had, so it kind of took the pressure off really fast. But even from the day that we wrote it and I just had an acoustic version of it, I loved that song and I thought other people were gonna love it, too."

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