In his new 'Tomorrow' video, Chris Young dives in for one last night of intimacy with a woman he knows isn't right for him in the long run.

Young drinks his pain away as he flashes to the past -- both good and bad -- of his dying relationship. Between scenes of the couple clearly deeply in love, and scenes of the pair's heated fights, we get flashes to the present, where they're setting an intimate scene and preparing to fall victim to their emotions one last time.

Unfortunately for our heartbroken hitmaker, the next morning the sun comes up and the 'Voices' singer is all alone with an empty dresser and a full bed to himself. At the end of the video, Young walks outside to see his lady in the driveway, preparing to leave. They exchange one last sorrowful look before the girl in question hops in her old truck, which is packed to the brim, and drives away.

The 'Tomorrow' video is fairly eerie, but it gets the point across. There's an old house with chipping paint and a love that is also badly in need of repair, but Young just doesn't have the tools or the strength to fix it, 'Tomorrow' is the debut single from Young’s forthcoming album ‘Neon,’ which is due out on RCA Nashville later this year.

Watch the Chris Young 'Tomorrow' Video