RaeLynn is known for her music, for being a finalist on The Voice ... and for taking selfies. While we loved hearing her talk about her new song "For a Boy" and the video that's going to be released very soon, we were also appreciative of the selfie skills course she put on during a recent visit.

Rae talked to Taste of Country's Billy Dukes about the proper way to hold the phone, and how to get the proper lighting. Did you know there's a dedicated selfie window at the singer's home? That's why she looks so good on Instagram all the time!

Okay, it helps if you're as adorable as she is. Bearded men approaching 40 probably should't use duck lips, but Rae seemed cool with it. She's the pro ... go ahead and pucker up, Billy Dukes!

"For a Boy" is the singer's new single, expected to be included on an upcoming album. The love song will include a new music video that RaeLynn stars in, with a boy. So of course we had to ask: were there any kissing scenes? She answers that question and demonstrates the best way to hold a selfie stick in the video above.

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