Craig Campbell's new song 'Fish' is one that leaves fans anticipating a video after the very first listen. The bluesy, laugh-out-loud-funny love story about fishing is somehow silly and sexy, too. For the first time, fans can sneak a peak at how risky Campbell will make his second music video.

At first glance, it looks like the 'Family Man' singer plays it pretty safe. These photos indicate Campbell won't push the innuendo further than his already suggestive lyrics:

“The first time we did it I was scared to death / She snuck out in that cotton dress / Jumped on in and we drove to the lake / Put her hand on my knee and said, ‘I can’t wait’ / I had everything we needed in the back of my truck / Turns out my baby loves to … Fish."

Both Campbell and the cute blonde love interest (played by Mariko Izumi, star of 'Hooking Up with Mariko' on the World Fishing Network) seem to stay covered, even when the singer is dreaming about "her silhouette reflecting off the water / With her hooks and her sinkers and her pretty pink bobbers."

To be honest, the two hardly seem interested in any late night activity that doesn't involve a rod and reel. Could this song truly be about fishing?

One suspects Campbell may be giving a wink, one still-shot at a time. He looks handsome in a plaid, country dress-shirt and white cowboy hat, and there's no doubt that his female fans will multiply after watching this video and hearing this song on the radio.

This month, look for Campbell as one of the openers on Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour, where he'll perform 'Fish' and more!

Go Behind the Scenes of Craig Campbell's Video for 'Fish'