Craig Morgan and his family will star in a new television series on the UP TV network. Morgan Family Strong will share the journey of the country artist and his family as they open and run a family store.

The Gallery at Morgan Farms is a family owned-and-operated farm-to-home business launched last year — they create organic items and products from reclaimed, repurposed, and recycled materials.

The series will follow Morgan and his wife Karen, daughter Alexandra, and sons Kyle and Wyatt, at home and on tour, also focusing on how they've come together since losing their son and brother, Jerry, in a tragic accident. Jerry Greer — Morgan's son — died in a boating accident on July 10, 2016. His 21st birthday would have been on Jan. 24, 2018.

Episodes throughout the season will show Morgan writing new songs for an upcoming album, an Alaskan wilderness vacation, performances at the Grand Ole Opry and birthday celebrations.

"Craig and his family are so genuine, real and authentic that we immediately fell in love with them and knew that their story was a perfect fit for UP and our viewers," says Timothy Kuryak, SVP of unscripted development and production for UP. "They are such a fun and loving family, yet in the face of a terrible tragedy, they have turned to one another and grown stronger."

Morgan Family Strong will premiere on Thursday, March 1, at 9:30PM ET.

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