Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers admits that people have urged him and his partner Shay Mooney to quit being so open about their relationships with their respective longterm girlfriends. The theory is that the duo’s audience is full of young female fans who want to think they have a chance.

That logic doesn’t work for either of the “From the Ground Up” singers. “That’s not what it’s about for us,” Smyers says. “The music we write is pretty obviously about love and girls and treating girls right. I just don’t think it’d be genuine if we lived it any other way.”

Some artists do stay quiet about their relationships, although they may also choose to hide a girlfriend or boyfriend for privacy’s sake, as well. Projecting a certain image of availability can be an asset — more so for an artist who projects that image through the music.

Mooney recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Hannah Billingsley, and Smyers shares that suddenly, everyone is looking at him and asking, “When are you going to propose?” [to longtime girlfriend Abby Law].

“Everyone. Everyone. Especially her," he reveals. “It’ll happen. It’s only a matter of time.”

The timing of their respective longterm commitments comes as “From the Ground Up” hits No. 1. The love song is being called the wedding song of the year, and Smyers says every third fan in a meet and greet line has a story of why the ballad is important to them. Onstage proposals are frequent (the duo research each story to make sure it’s legit), and so far, they’re batting 100 percent. No one has said "no."

“We’re always like, 'If she says no, we know Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You.’”

Expect "How Not To" to be the next single from Obsessed. It's a breakup song, and one that's more uptempo than any previous single. The song better exemplifies a rockin' live show that often leaves fans in shock. If you grab a ticket to see Dan + Shay's upcoming Obsessed Tour, expect a guitar-driven show full of '80s covers and originals. It's certainly not coffee shop music.

Dan + Shay Tell the Story of 'From the Ground Up'

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