Dan + Shay‘s most pop-friendly single yet is “Road Trippin’,” their third from Obsessed. The feel-good summertime driving song recalls early 2000s country music.

It recalls the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync, as well. Polished harmonies and hair-gelled production bring a oft-told country story to life. Find the duo in the car headed to a party with something strong in their back pockets. Add some skinny dipping, a blanket on the beach and PG-rated innuendo and you have "Road Trippin'."

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney's enthusiasm for the story they're telling is undeniable, and that's what truly brings the song to life. At no point do the duo pretend they're singing an all-time great country song. With "Road Trippin'," Dan + Shay are powering a season that won't last forever.

Did You Know?: Co-writer Martin Johnson is the front man for pop-rockers Boys Like Girls. His bandmate Paul DiGiovanni has also written country songs.

Listen to Dan + Shay, "Road Trippin'"

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Dan + Shay's "Road Trippin'" Lyrics:

Road, road, road trippin', trippin', trippin', trippin'

I been thinkin', yeah / It's been a while since we got out of town / So whatcha thinkin', yeah / If you're ready I can come over right now / You call the girls, I call the boys we'll pack it up and drive / Anywhere you wanna go we'll go there tonight / We're fitful in the backseat, the cops come we'll hide / Are you ready / You know I'm ready Let's ride.

Road trippin', summertime livin' with your hands out kissin' the wind / Yeah, let's roll with it, radio kick it louder we're at it again / Stuck a little somethin in my old back pocket / Break it out later if you like that / When the sun's dippin, we'll start to start sippin' / Road, road, road, road trippin', trippin', trippin', trippin' / Road, road, road, road trippin', trippin', trippin', trippin', oh.

We'll hit the river, yeah / Skinny-dipping jumpin' off the rocks / Out to the ocean, yeah / Put a blanket down under the boardwalk and kick it / We'll live it up and throw it down with all of our best friends / We'll drop the top, and hit the spot where summer never ends / 'Cause the good time and the peace of mind and just around the bend / Are you ready / You know I'm ready for.

And when the sun comes up / And it feels like this is the end / We can do it all over, over again.

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