Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, better known as Dan + Shay, put a sweet spin on the music video for their love song "Nothin' Like You." The duo's video is like their own version of The Hangover that also raises awareness for some beautiful shelter dogs.

The video starts on the red carpet at the ACM Awards — fans scream loudly, surrounding the duo while they mention a future evening of partying. The visual then cuts to a diner, where the duo are trying to piece together exactly what happened the night before (a la The Hangover).

“Dude, what happened last night?” Mooney asks his duo partner Smyers, who replies with a groan, saying, “I have no idea.” The camera then pans to a dog who is sitting next to Mooney before he takes off out of the diner, with the duo following behind.

That's just the first of many, many pups in the fun visual. The video has the boys (still in their suits from the ACM Awards) chasing after all of these shelter dogs, trying to put the pieces together from their night that involved a few too many cocktails. Eventually, they wind up in a mud puddle playing with the dogs — covered in mud while rain pours down.

After all the muddy fun, Dan + Shay take some time to recognize their acting partners in the video: the dogs. Along with the help of National Canine and Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, the handsome men raise awareness for adopting dogs. They ask their viewers to consider going out and giving an animal a loving forever home.

Watch the video for the beautiful cause above.

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