She's back, and she's accepting more requests! In her latest Request Line edition, Danielle Bradbery's tries her hand at a cover of Christina Perri's 'Human.'

The song starts with solely the piano, and the video takes place in the familiar wooden studio we've seen before. Again the video is black and white, which makes it seem that much more intimate. Bradbery looks beautiful, albeit comfortable, while in the studio, wearing a sweater with a button-down underneath.

'The Voice' starlet starts the first few chords of 'Human' with her eyes closed, feeling the personal nature of Perri's single. Perri's style is similar to the way Bradbery covers the song -- piano-based and focusing mainly on vocal ability, instead of large backing sound. Their sounds are very similar, and their vocal abilities almost line up. However, Bradbery makes the pop song into a country cover like no other.

When Bradbery reaches the chorus about being "only human," she really shows just how comfortable she is.

Bradbery's has already fulfilled fan's wishes by singing songs like 'Try' by powerhouse Colbie Caillat and a cover of ‘Say Something,’ originally by a Great Big World and Christina Aguilera on her Request Line.

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