Country singer Darius Rucker won a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance with his hit 'Wagon Wheel' on Sunday (Jan. 26). But he missed out on delivering a heartfelt acceptance speech due to something every big city has and despises: Traffic.

Of all vehicular nightmares, Los Angeles has some of the worst jams. Unfortunately, Rucker experienced the brunt of it and on Grammy night, no less!

His award was presented at the pre-telecast, but his publicist Ebie McFarland told The State that the country crooner missed the red carpet and the beginning of the network telecast.

"We barely made it time for him to get to his seat," McFarland said. "He even had to stand in the hallway until the first commercial break before they would escort him to his seat because we were that late getting there."

It made for a bit of an awkward moment when Grammy presenter Cyndi Lauper looked for Rucker in the audience after announcing his name as the winner, standing next to the podium for 12 seconds before assuming that he must be at the neighboring Staples Center.

"Apparently, they're ditching us to run next door," Lauper said. "I accept this for, um," then she looked at the envelope to check his name, "Darius. I'm sure he thanks the Academy, and all his friends and family and his mom."

Although other performers missed out on their acceptance speeches, including Alicia Keys, Imagine Dragons, Pharrell Williams, and others, Rucker was so close to making it. He'll just need to win another Grammy so that he can give an acceptance speech. Next time, maybe he'll miss the traffic!