With the 2016 presidential election coming to a fierce close on Tuesday (Nov. 8), one of country music's beloved artists has been shockingly thrown into the mix.

The Daily Caller reports that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had begged to get an endorsement from country star Darius Rucker, but it ultimately didn't work out.

Another batch of leaked emails from the Clinton team show that Capricia Marshall, who worked with Clinton during her time at the State Department, had attempted on more than one occasion to get Rucker to publicly endorse Clinton by asking Michelle Kwan to convince him, along with Big Machine Label founder Scott Borchetta. Ultimately, Rucker never publicly threw his support behind the presidential candidate.

"That shocked me," he tells Taste of Country with a laugh about his name being mentioned in one of the Wikileaks emails. "I'm just not in politics. It wasn't that I'm not supporting this person or that person, it's just that I didn't want to get involved in politics, and here I am being brought in…It was weird."

Though he has no plans to enter the political realm anytime soon, Rucker does have a new album in the works. He released the first single, "If I Told You," in June of 2016. "I love that song," he says. "That one I heard and I just instantly fell in love with it... I'm just proud to see it do well and I'm ready to put out that new record."

One song off this new record that he's most excited for fans to hear is "Something for the First Time," which he's planning on releasing as the next single. "It's just a great song," Rucker says. "I can't wait to get it out there."

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