Darryl Worley's new song "Lonely Alone" is a sexy country heartbreaker that relies on the country veteran to wallow in self-pity and sorrow. He's successful.

"Lonely Alone" feels like the honest lyric from a man in the middle of a breakup. Raw vocal production allows for a few flaws for sincerity's sake. There is something organic about the production of this mid-tempo, traditional country and R&B mix — there's not as much polish as what we're used to hearing on the radio. Some have compared the melody to Midland's "Drinkin' Problem," and the two songs are indeed similar, right down to the clever post-chorus riff.

Credit Worley for adding a progressive twist to this beat while staying true to his traditional roots. "Lonely Alone" is subtly sexy. He makes heartache look good!

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Darryl Worley's "Lonely Alone" Lyrics:

Girl we don’t talk any more / So what are we waitin’ for / And it feels like you’re a half a world away / Ain’t no need to make up / That’s not gonna save us / Girl if it ain’t love / Ain’t no reason to stay.

If I’m gonna be lonely / I might as well be gone / If I’m gonna be lonely girl / I’d rather be lonely alone / All by myself, don’t need your help / Moving on girl, I’d rather be lonely alone.

Could be staring at the TV / Girl you make it look easy / Or I guess I could sit here texting on my phone / I could go hangout / Somewhere with the wrong crowd / Find someone to turn me down and make me feel at home.

I can't be lonely / Lonely alone / Hmmm, I can't be lonely.

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