Darryl Worley's tobacco-farm-twang has served him well on hard-working hits or songs that reinforce family values. However, he's never been known as a bedroom balladeer... until now. 'You Still Got It' is a new direction for the 'Sounds Like Life to Me' singer.

Kudos to Worley for stepping outside his safe-zone to sing this song about a man coming home to romance his wife. It'd be more convincing, however, if the lyrics were sharper and more imaginative.

"So baby fire up some candles and turn the lights down low / Dial up something sexy on the radio," Worley sings during the second verse. "I got a bottle of wine / I'm almost home / Put one of those silky little nothings on / We can stay up late / We got something to celebrate."

Worley doesn't have a voice that naturally sends shivers down a woman's spine, but he's certainly capable of turning in a romantic standard if accompanied by proper instrumentation. The cheery guitars and happy organ are better left for early in the night mood-setting than pull back the sheets and close the windows hubba-hubba time.

"Baby you still got it and I still want it uh-huh / Just in case you didn't know it, you got it goin' on / I'm all yours / You're all mine / Girl you turn me on after all this time / Baby you still got it and I still want it," he sings during the chorus.

'You Still Got It' is fun and flirty, but it wants to be hot and steamy. Worley proves he's capable of more than the style he's scored hits with over the last 13 years, but the verdict is still out on his ability to seduce a la Chris Young.

3.5 Stars

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