Is a Hollywood heiress going country? It sure sounds like it!

Check out the video of Scout Willis, the 20-year-old middle daughter of A-listers Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, singing a song called 'Me and James.' Willis performs alongside the guitar-strumming Gus Wenner, who is a member of the publishing world's royal family as he is the son of Rolling Stone head honcho Jann Wenner.

They are billed as the duo Gus + Scout. While it's obvious that the twosome have plenty of resources at their disposal to help them gain their footing in the enterainment industry, such as money and possible editorial coverage in the biggest music publication around, we're pleased to report that they are rather talented. They sing a twangy, country-inspired tune and it's quite good.

So, how does Scout fare as a vocalist? Well, she has a bluesy tone to her voice and is a bit of a belter. She reminds us a wee bit of Patsy Cline, too. Wenner, on the other hand, has a rootsy vibe. Country music loves its duos, which are the cornerstone of the genre, and these two exhibit palpable chemistry and their voices play off one another rather nicely. This doesn't feel like a vanity project or a way for two rich kids with famous parents to pass the time. If they keep making music in this vein, then country music could be their calling.

Celebuzz reports that Gus + Scout performed at Rockwood Music Hall this past Thursday night (March 15) but the footage is of the twosome performing 'Me and James' in Providence, R.I. this past February.

Take a listen by watching the below and tell us if you think Scout Willis has a viable future as one half of a country duo with Gus Wenner.

Watch Gus + Scout Perform 'Me and James'