Dierks Bentley's annual Miles and Music for Kids event is one he looks forward to year round. Unfortunately, the 2012 charity motorcycle ride and concert -- scheduled for Sunday afternoon (Oct. 14) -- has been canceled due to severe weather in the Nashville area.

The singer kept an eye on the weather all week, and though things weren't looking good, he had high hopes for a turnaround by this morning. Bentley says he is "so bummed" that he was forced to make the disappointing decision to pull the plug on the event last minute.

"We have been watching the weather all week and unfortunately, not looking good," Bentley tweeted Sunday morning. "Have to postpone Miles & Music today bc of dangerous wind & storms moving into Nashville," he continued. "Thx to all for ur support."

Bentley received an outpouring response from his fans, who also expressed their disappointment in not being able to see the star take the stage at Riverfront Park for the event's final performance.

"Can't tell you all how disappointed i am and my team is about today," a sincere Bentley replied. "We have been looking forward to this day for a year. Our fans came a long way to get here, and spent money to do so and wanted to raise money for #vanderbiltchildrenshospital," he added. "Thank you guys."

There is no word yet on a new date for the Nashville Music and Miles for Kids event, or if there will be any changes in the lineup.