Duane "Dog" Chapman delivered a monologue about how men should behave that ended with a call for violence.

Seated beside wife Francie Frane, Chapman and Christian Television Network host Sharell Barrera discussed real faith in God versus "playing church." All three agreed that men should behave a certain way and were dismissive of less masculine behavior.

"Jesus was not a sissy," Chapman remarked.

"People playing church all led to Bud Light," the Dog the Bounty Hunter star added. "Is that right?"

Chapman was seemingly referring to Bud Light's support of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney's image was put on a can of beer, and reactions to the promotion were extreme (For example, Kid Rock used a semi-automatic rifle to shoot cans of Bud Light in protest).

"Get that punk down," the reality TV bounty hunter continued during the interview. "Rebuke Satan out of him and just give him a couple black eyes. That's exactly and I mean that. If I ever see him, I'm dropping him."

Frane and Barrera laughed at the remarks but an exchange that followed indicated that Chapman knew what he had just said was — at the very least — controversial. Then, he explained how men or women without God in their lives are more likely to live a life of sin and adultery.

Many have labeled Chapman's comments as transphobic and homophobic, and it's not the first time he's been accused of that. In April 2021, producers behind an ill-fated reality show called Dog Unleashed said his "racist and homophobic comments" killed the show.

Later that year, his daughter Bonnie would accuse him of racism and homophobia, as well as cheating on her mother, Beth Chapman, multiple times. This was during the buildup to his wedding to Frane. Neither Bonnie nor Beth's daughter Cecily were invited to that event.

In November of 2007, Dog the Bounty Hunter was suspended by A&E after a tape of the star using the N-word surfaced. He'd later apologize, and in September 2021 he said he thought he had a free pass to use that word because he spent 18 months in a Texas prison with Black prisoners in 1979.

A&E would continue production of the show in 2008.

Coming to Chapman's defense in 2023 is his daughter Lyssa Chapman. She married wife Leiana in 2022, and at that time said her father was supportive of her relationship. Talking to TMZ, she apologized to Mulvaney and the trans community and urged that the comments are not in line with who her father is.

Bonnie Chapman was less forgiving: She lit up her father on Instagram Story, calling his views "prehistoric" and explaining this is why she distanced herself from him. She also identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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