Drew Baldridge has just released a new single, "Gentle Man," and he's sharing a very special stripped-down performance of the song with Taste of Country readers.

Baldridge taps into a new side of his music with "Gentle Man," which is a turn in a more heartfelt direction than much of his previous material. Yes, he's still out tearing up the town with the boys, but at home, he shows his softer side to his lady love. He performs it solo on acoustic guitar in the video above, which is debuting exclusively today.

He co-wrote "Gentle Man" with Chris Yarber and Robert Arthur, and the song's chorus perfectly lays out its theme: "Then it’s soft, slow / Nice and easy does it / When it comes to lovin’ you need to understand / That these hands might be calloused just a little / But they can hold you gentle/ Baby you make me a gentle man," Baldridge sings.

"Where I grew up, we were taught to work hard and be tough. We would work till the sun went down," Baldridge explains. "I feel like there are a lot of guys out there just like me. Where you are this tough guy, but when you’re around your girl she makes you a softy. She makes you a 'Gentle Man.' I’ve really seen it in my brother since he’s gotten married and has had kids. He still tries to act like this tough, strong guy until it comes to his kids and wife. They make him gentle."

"Gentle Man" is the second single from Baldridge's upcoming sophomore album.

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