As it turns out, kids aren't as crazy about Dustin Lynch as the ladies seem to be. And one dad learned the hard (and hilarious) way just how mad your little girl gets when you try to trade her favorite 'Frozen' song for country music.

In reality, the scene in this video is probably pretty familiar to anyone who has young children -- a 'Frozen' singalong in the car, with your kids belting out every line of 'Let It Go.' The song swept the nation and stole every child's heart, but let's be honest: a parent can only endure so much Disney.

The clip finds Dad in the car with his baby and young daughter, both of whom are enjoying their kid-friendly tunes ... until their father changes the station. When he switches over to 'Where It's At,' all heck breaks loose -- clearly, neither tot nor baby is a fan of Lynch's No. 1 hit. The baby begins to cry as soon as the song begins, while the older child looks confused, wondering where her song went.

"I don't like this song," she tells her dad, hiding her face behind her small hands. The amused dad busts into a laugh at the situation, as he now has not one, but two crying children.

Attention country singers: Wanna win over a young audience? Break out the 'Frozen' covers.

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