Dustin Lynch is heading into the holiday season with many things to be thankful for, most recently his Gold certification from the RIAA for his latest No. 1 single.

"Mind Reader" has been awarded Gold certification for over 500,000 sales and streams in the U.S. alone. The success follows his previous two consecutive No. 1 hits, including the Gold-certified "Hell of a Night" and Platinum-certified "Where It's At."

Longtime friends and Georgia natives Ben Hayslip and Rhett Akins wrote “Mind Reader” together and as Hayslip explained at the No. 1 party for the song, the idea came after Akins returned from a date.

“He comes in and he’s been out with a girl the night before,” Hayslip recalls. “I ask, ‘How’d it go?’ He’s like, ‘Man, I’m pretty into this girl. The scary thing is I thought she could read my mind.’ I’m like, ‘Man, the last thing you need is a girl to read your mind!'”

As Akins recalls, he was thinking about where to take his date to dinner when she suggested Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“I was like, ‘She’s reading my mind, buddy!’ It was like [let’s] write that,” he adds. “We didn’t know what that was but somehow, the title of ‘Mind Reader’ got thrown out, and that’s where we took it."

At a No. 1 party for "Mind Reader" in August, Lynch told Taste of Country that he loved the song the moment he heard it while on the road between Seattle and Portland.

“When a big song comes to you, you remember where you were,” he says, recalling his radio promo trip where he had the track on repeat. “We were doing some radio appearances and I get a text. I think from Rhett, or from Rusty [Gaston] that says, ‘Check your inbox, it should be a good one.’ I listened to it and it was really good.”

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