Dustin Lynch had no plans to record new music, but after he wrote his latest single, "Good Girl," with Justin Ebach and Andy Albert, he knew the rest of the world had to hear their creation. In an interview with Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex, the singer shares the evolution of "Good Girl."

"It came out of nowhere," the singer says of his new track. "Honestly, I was just writing because I love to write and I need to. My muscle needs to create and write. I had a couple buddies out on tour, we were on the Brad Paisley tour. They were out writing songs with me and 'Good Girl' happened out of nowhere. Since that day it has raised its hand and said, 'Me, me, me! Put me out. I need to be heard this summer.'"

So Lynch went into the studio to record the song, and his label rushed to get it out for the summer. While Lynch says "Good Girl" isn't on an album of his, he still hopes to go back to his latest record, Current Mood, and release future singles off that project.

"Music is a funny thing. Our taste buds change constantly for what we want. For whatever reason 'Good Girl' wanted to be out this summer," he explains. "It threw a wrench into how we normally do things in Nashville and release songs."

Lynch says he hasn't felt this excited about a song since he released "Small Town Boy" in 2017. While he and his team decided to go full speed ahead and unveil "Good Girl" to country radio, he doesn't know quite what comes next in terms of recording.

"I'm just writing songs. I have no plans to record or anything right now," he stresses. "I feel like the universe told me to put 'Good Girl' out now."

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