Dustin Lynch recently visited a shelter housing victims of Hurricane Harvey, and he was so moved that he decided to put together a benefit concert of his own.

The singer will host his Hurricane Harvey Benefit Concert on Sept. 12 in Dallas, with proceeds going to the American Red Cross. The "Small Town Boy" singer called into Dallas radio stations KPLX and KSCS on Wednesday morning (Sept. 6) to share the news.

"The spirit of Texas, and of country music, is to help your neighbor — to pitch in when others are struggling,” Lynch says. “So many people have stepped up to lend a hand to those affected by this storm, and I’m proud to do my small part to support the citizens of Houston and surrounding communities. After visiting the storm shelter, and meeting people whose lives have changed forever, the least I can do is come back to Dallas and try to raise spirits."

The show will be held at Cowboys Red River and tickets are $10. The first 500 fans through the door will receive a copy of Lynch’s new album, Current Mood, out Sept. 8.

Lynch took a unique approach to teasing the titles of songs on his new album, wearing T-shirts with the song names written on them. In a recent interview with Taste of Country, the star admitted that many of the songs are true stories about “certain people and certain relationships," but you won't find him naming those names.

“No one is ever going to find out who it is,” Lynch tells Taste of Country. “I’m sure there are going to be speculations.”

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