Dylan Jakobsen's "Can't Believe You're Gone" is a true story about losing a loved one, and the music video tells that story visually. In a chat with Taste of Country, the newcomer dished on the inspiration behind the clip's treatment.

Jakobsen is a 21-year-old musician who was once considered alternative, but found his way to country, and "Can't Believe You're Gone" shows that change. Although based out of Seattle, he most identifies with the way country music tells stories. This one tells of a true loss.

"I wrote it after hearing a friend's grandfather passed away last year," Jakobsen explains. "I just figured that at some point in our lives it's something that we all really experience. I just wanted to go write a song that we could listen to and more so focus on the memories ... I guess that was our intent on the music video, too."

That is exactly what he did. The video finds a main character losing someone very close to him — his father. He flashes back to memories he had with his loved one as a young child. The video truly comes full circle, starting and ending with the same memory, the same picture and the same hat.

"I kind of took the idea I had when I was writing the song and I brought it to life with this whole storyline," Jakobsen explains, adding, "I just thought it was a great idea to tie in the pictures that they took and the video starts out with that picture. As they're going through the flashbacks, it almost takes you through the times he spent with his dad and that brings up the time that they took that picture. I thought it was neat to end the video back where it started, with him looking at the photo."

Check out Jakobsen's "Can't Believe You're Gone" video above. It's a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to lost loved ones and proves this singer will fit in just fine in country music.

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