Eric Church may look rough-and-tumble, but he’s definitely a softie at heart when it comes to his kids. The artist talked to America’s Morning Show about what it’s like being a father to two little ones, and Church dished about how crazy it is to watch them grow.

“It’s so weird to see… everybody always tells you how fast kids grow up, but it’s crazy to see it actually happen and to look back and go, ‘Geez, Boone’s 4 and about to start school. And Hawk’s already 1.’ It’s terrifying and wonderful and sad at the same time,” he muses.

Terrifying in more ways than one, it turns out. Church says when he was watching his youngest, Hawk, the kid nearly knocked himself out in front of his father’s eyes.

"I was on Hawk duty last night and he’s pretty much walking, but we still put him in the walker and Katherine was cooking dinner,” he recalls. “She had her back turned and he made his way over to our bar area. There’s these pull out drawers that I just didn’t think he could reach and he reached up and he grabbed the handle and I thought, ‘Cool, he can grab the handle and surely he can’t pull the drawer out.’ He pulled the drawer out and it all but decapitated him. The drawer hit him right across the forehead.”

Apparently Church tried to get away without telling his wife what happened, but the news is out now, as he spilled the rest of the story to the show.

“But here’s the great thing, he didn’t cry! So I was kind of golden,” he says. “I just kind of closed the door and Katherine turned around a minute later and was like, ‘What happened to his head?’ And he had this big line across his head, so I said, ‘I have no idea.’”

Church recently released a new song called “Record Year” off his album Mr. Misunderstood, and is touring in Europe before heading back to the U.S. for another show. Check out his full interview on Facebook.

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