Rascal Flatts' "Riot" music video is an emotional roller coaster that will be familiar to many.

The clip follows a young man in the middle of a grueling boxing match. As he battles his fierce opponent, he recalls happier times with a former lover. The video cuts back and forth between footage of the man facing his opponent in the ring and sharing tender moments with his lady, making it clear he's fueled by the pain of lost love.

There are also several shots of band members Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney singing the powerful song.

“This song has so many different interpretations that there were a lot of concepts to play around with,” LeVox says. “Ultimately though, this song is about fighting for love, and this video tugs at your heart strings. The story between the couple was shot beautifully; we’re really pleased with it and looking forward to our fans seeing the song from this perspective.”

“It’s just such a cool way to say that you’d be lost without that person," Rooney notes to The Boot. "Saying it completely different, which is the key to a great song — finding something that is so ordinary, but saying it differently.”

Upon hearing the demo track, the Rascal Flatts guys all agreed that it had to be included on their album. The song is the third single from the group's 2014 album, Rewind.

The band will begin their Riot tour in May 2015.

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