Ultra-hot country duo Florida Georgia Line are seeing their career blow up all over the place right now, thanks in large part to the success of 'Cruise,' which reached No. 1 and has been certified Double Platinum. The pair were in Las Vegas this past weekend for the ACM Awards -- where they took home New Artist of the Year honors -- and they shared with Taste of Country their amazement at how the song has impacted their lives.

"It's crazy to see the power of a song," Brian Kelley admits. "I think that's why we all are in music, is because we've all had our lives changed. And it's blown our minds that a song we've been a part of writing can have that much power and that much pull. We just feel like the luckiest dudes in the world, that get to sing our songs and travel the country."

But Tyler Hubbard revealed that the song didn't happen immediately. "It developed in two or three days," he recalls. "We started it in a buddy's living room, and kinda finished it in the studio and tweaked a few more things. It was kind of a process."

He adds, "We just wanted to make the best song we could. It worked out great, and here we are."

In addition to finding success as a country single, the duo teamed up with rapper Nelly for a remix of the mega-hot hit.

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