Gary Allan is a bonafide member of country's sexiest, according to many a source over the years. But in an exclusive chat with Taste of Country, he admits it’s still a little strange — even if it has come with its benefits.

“It’s always awkward,” the singer says with a laugh. “It’s saved my butt a couple of times, though. When Decca Records shut down and I was going over to MCA, that was when I got into People Magazine as one of the most sexy people, so that kind of carried me for a couple of years."

The heartthrob is coming out with a new album soon and released its first single, 'Hangover Tonight," in March. The song is a Motown-influenced, laid-back tune that has become a fan favorite during live shows.

This song and others, Allan says, are all inspired by his life, even if he didn’t write them.

“My heart’s on every one of those songs,” the singer reveals.

And in more ways than one — Allan told Taste of Country he’s particularly excited about this album because he had the opportunity to produce the entire thing. Though on the previous album producers duked it out to win the opportunity to produce individual songs, Allan said they were more interested in producing the entire thing this time around.

“I had just gotten the keys to the car and I didn’t want to give them away just yet,” Allan admits, laughing. “I got lucky last time and ended up getting [to produce] the first single, ‘Every Storm,’ and I think that’s what enabled me to do the next one."

Two more live favorites, ‘Mess Me Up’ and ‘High as I’ve Ever Been,’ will be featured on this album, the details of which have not yet been released.

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