Gloriana's third album Three adds 12 songs to a sound the trio has spent the better part of a decade fine-tuning. The production is a little edgier, but any of the tracks from the project could easily have come from Gloriana or A Thousand Miles Left Behind sessions.

"My Somebody" may be the exception. The last song on the album is more buoyant than the other production-rich cuts. It's got a light island vibe, ending the album with a big, easy grin.

Elsewhere, look for tight harmonies and heavy rhythms. That's kind of this group's signature. While Rachel Reinert is the most frequently featured singer, her male Gossin counterpart often shares the stage with her, or leads the way. They share a mic on songs like "Ain't Runnin' Outta Summer," a sweet and mellow summer love song that leans heavy on a "Whoa, whoa, whoa" pre-chorus.

Three brings plenty of tempo — even the ballads come energized. "Nobody But You" is the strongest of this bunch. The orchestral arrangement really sets the song apart from others on the album.

In an entirely different way, so does "It's on Tonight." This will either be your most or least favorite song on Three. "Don't stop, move your feet / Bounce to the banjo and the beat / If you wanna rock come on with me / Singing whoa, oh oh / It's on tonight," Reinert sings. It's a club song with enough banjo added to keep it in the genre.

There's not one signature song on Three. Instead, it's a more even-keel album crafted to be played from start to finish. There's little those who buy it will dismiss instantly. One could easily kill three hours listening to it on repeat without noticing.

Key Tracks: "Trouble," "Nobody But You," "It's on Tonight," "My Somebody"

Boy Trouble: At least two songs were inspired by bad relationships Rachel Reinert was in. The single "Trouble" was inspired by a guy who cheated on her, while "It Won't Let Go" is one the Gossins started to write about her situation.

Did You Know?: For "Fight," the band brought in friends and family for a gang-like chorus. Tom Gossin's wife and the brothers' father are amongst the voices you hear.

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