Newcomer Greg Bates makes it look much too easy in his debut song 'Did It for the Girl.' The tune is country music, stripped of pomp and circumstance. His sweet molasses voice doesn't hide behind any trumped up studio tricks or vocal effects. While the sound isn't quite the same, his style is similar to the man he sings about during the second verse.

"I dialed up her some old George Strait / Me and ol' George sang 'Marina Del Ray' / There by the water's edge / Big sky turnin' red / That perfect night she said can't forget."

The Nashville born and raised singer seems to be in no hurry to go anywhere, but gets to his point quickly. The hook comes just 30 seconds in. On paper, the title comes across as an eye-roller, but Bates turns it into a sincere and heartwarming mid-tempo boot-tapper.

"I did it for the girl / Dancing in the sunset / To get to see her sippin' on Corona, little silhouette/ I did it for the moonlight, slow ride, slidin' over by my side I've been waiting for it all night kiss / I did it for the girl," he sings during the chorus.

Bates should have little trouble running this song up the Billboard charts, but more importantly, it's a song that's instantly memorable -- if only for its clean simplicity.

4 Stars

Listen to Greg Bates, 'Did It for the Girl'

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