Hank Williams Jr. has released his most radio-friendly single since 'That's How They Do It in Dixie' cracked the Top 40 in 2006. 'That Ain't Good' doesn't sacrifice an ounce of the legend's anger or attitude, but this uptempo bluesy cut isn't three minutes of soap-boxing, either.

Rockin' Randall opens 'That Ain't Good' (from his forthcoming 'Old School New Rules' album) with a swampy, bluesy lick. The beat pulls back to one his long time fans will recognize, but the song keeps its edge lyrically and sonically. This is a new song Williams could slip onto his setlist without pushing fans to the concourse for another beer.

"My wife went to a lawyer / I never dreamed she would / Now my address is rock bottom / And they know me in this neighborhood / That ain't good/ Nah, nah that ain't good," he sings during one of the many verses. There's no true chorus in 'That Ain't Good,' just a handful of hard luck country stories cut from the same everyman language Williams has used for his most successful hits.

"Watching these nuts on TV / Blowing themselves to hell / So they can all get to heaven and my kids want me to tell / Tell 'em why / Did all those people have to die / No that ain't good," he adds later.

Bocephus is straightforward, never polished and full of just enough whiskey-fueled angst to grab one's attention without overdoing it. 'That Ain't Good' is the artist revisiting what's worked and adding a modern message. The song gives fans good reason to look forward to 'Old School New Rules' when it's released later this year.

3.5 Stars

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