Originally, Hillary Scott was just going to lend her voice to a project her father had thought of after the singer's grandfather died of Leukemia. That idea — first introduced one year ago — blossomed into Love Remains, a Christian and country album that includes Scott's "Thy Will."

Hillary Scott & the Scott Family's album will be available later this year and will boast a duet with Scott and mother Linda Davis that features a number of other artists. The Lady Antebellum frontwoman also sings with a still-unnamed contemporary Christian artist. "Thy Will" is Scott's story, written about a personal tragedy suffered within the last year. But the album is truly a family project.

Scott recently recalled her father, Lang Scott, coming to her with the idea of putting a collection of hymns together to give to everyone who supported the family during her grandfather's cancer battle, which ended in November 2011. A long vacation and some reflection led to a conversation with her Lady A bandmates before a 2015 tour stop in Detroit. All agreed a break would do them good.

Scott's album explores faith, and questions of faith, as well as her personal losses.

"I've always prayed and trusted that no matter what, I know there's someone looking out for me who can see me, who hears me in the darkest and brightest moments in life," she says.

Husband Chris is Scott's rock when it comes to faith, and religion is how she keeps her life steady, navigating the emotional ups and downs that inevitably come. "You have to just kind of bear-hug the hurt, bear-hug the emotions," she insists. "That's how I've learned to move through them, and you're never over them."

Hillary Scott Says "Thy Will" Is Based on Personal Tragedy